Hi readers…

This year has been a whirlwind- as a teenager, i feel like so much can change in a year. New friends, goals, thoughts, discoveries, fears. I cant begin to describe my thoughts about everything right now. its a hot mess.

I’m sure no one will read or relate, because everyone’s situation is so unique . but i hope ill look back on this. so yeah- this will be an online diary… you can read it, you can talk to me, we can share our insecurities.

You know how one song can change you’re mood for days?? Honestly me right now. Listening to flora crash- you’re someone else. its almost put me in an omnicient perspective. I’ve reflected on all the change I’ve gone through as a growing teenager. And that’s what i find mental; through all the squad beef, endless tests, instagram goals, we just are human. we are just skins and flesh and hearts and brains. SO WHY ARE THERE SO MANY FRICKIN HATEFUL HOES.

where have i been???

So it has recently come to my attention that i started a blog- what? What a fail! But i plan to start this blog again. Please leave any ideas of what you want me to try out: I’m thinking of doing ‘do dumb beauty hacks work?’ and maybe ‘my workout routine.’ be sure to stick around for that 😉


Are Green Smoothies Worth the Craze?

I’ve always wondered about this craze of having green smoothies/ juices. Are they actually nice? Do people REALLY drink them? For 3 i will be attempting to drink a different ‘green juice’ for my breakfast. So i dived into the murky depths of the internet to find some healthy smoothie recipes. i came across a very trendy website called I decided to use these recipes for my juice days. Continue reading “Are Green Smoothies Worth the Craze?”

First Post!

hi, my name is Rosa, and I’m just an average awkward teenager with a love for food, fashion, and fitness… that sounded really cheesy. This blog will be about me attempting new things, saying if its worth your time. putting it into other words, I’m going to waste my time, to save yours! My next post will be me trying green smoothies, seeing if their worth the craze.

Thanks for reading,


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